Water softener

AQUA DROPS WS Series are designed and fabricated for residential and commercial applications will a fully automatic control valve and the standard vessels used in this softener are vertical cylindrical design of fiber glass reinforced polyester construction and all used vessels are in line with international testing and certification agencies such as NSF, ASME. All softeners are sized in accordance to optimum recommended flux rates for optimum efficiency and performance.


    1. Single Control option: add “S” after the model
    2. They are usually scheduled to regenerate at 2am
    3. 220V/1 Ph/50Hz
    4. Hard Water by pass


    1. Duplex Control option: add “D” after the model
    2. Duplex System Supplied with two Minerals tanks and one brine tank, and system
    3. alternating metered control ( one Duty and other one in stand by)


Automatic Regeneration Valve

High Performance FRP Tank

Flow Controller to limit regeneration Cycle

Flow Controller to limit backwash Cycle

Operation pressure: 25 -125 psi

Operation temperature: 35 -100 F

Safety Factor 4:1

Minimum burst at 600psi