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By having a pool, you become responsible with keeping and maintaining its cleanliness. Likewise you must also make sure that you and your family is safe when using it. Do not worry much as swimming pool maintenance does not really require hard labor or too much time. Just make sure that you do the maintaining process right. Simply do regular pool maintenance and you will keep it safe and healthy to use all year round.
Swimming pool maintenance is broadly divided one for private & other is for public. As private swimming pools are used by single family, maintaining it is not very difficult. But in the case of public & community pools, maintenance/operation should be carried out by qualified professionals as per international guideline.

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During the swimming season, your pool should be maintained on daily basis.

Check filter pressure. » Clean filter if water is not clear. » Remove leaves & debris from strainer basket. » You must check on the balance of chemicals that should be present in the waters regularly. Too much chemicals such as chlorine or alkaline can be detrimental to a swimmer's health and so it is a must that the right amount of chemicals should be added to the water.
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