Ultra violet sterilization system

Microorganisms in the water can cause a multitude of serious health problems. Our AQUA DROPS Ultraviolet sterilize the water in your home and industry. This AQUA DROPS Ultraviolet light penetrates and destroy the harmful organisms disinfects the water.


We all know that, sun light can be used in sterilizing. What's the function of ultra violet ray ? Ultraviolet ray was found about 200 years ago and through years of survey andexperiments, science has proved it's effect in killing the virus and bacteria. Ultraviolet is divided by A,B, C waves and 260~240nm, out of C waves is the mosteffective ray with sterilizing ability and the strongest point is 254 nm. This lightwave is able to kill the DNA of virus and bacteria to make it unable reproduce.


Compact and easy to install

Completely automatic

No chemicals required

Low operating cost

High Performance

No added taste or odor