Wastewater Treatment


With decades of experience, we have been at the forefront leading contractor in the region providing turnkey solutions for wastewater treatment, We provide a complete solution for our clients including Engineering, procurement, and construction services. Our advanced technologies of Extended Aeration, Membrane Bio-Reactor systems (MBR), Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF,) Extended Aeration Plants, Moving Bed Bio-Reactors (MBBR) provides high treatment efficiencies and lower foot-prints through designs that integrate processes.

Aqua Drops specialized in providing turnkey solutions for engineering, procurement, and construction of sewage treatment plants. Our experience in Wastewater treatment plants encompasses sewer collection network, pump station, screening, sludge treatment, advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management, and handling. We have significant expertise in all facets of wastewater liquid stream and solids stream treatment ranging from conventional plants for organic removals to complex nutrient removal/resource recovery processes covering scopes from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational facilities. We have also performed numerous industrial wastewater treatment plant design upgrades to meet client requirements.

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Aqua Drops’s engineering competence is a key competitive differentiator, We employ highly experienced engineering experts to add value through every phase of a project. From concept development through to commissioning and operation, our engineering capability is key to making our client’s vision a reality. we provide our clients with an all-encompassing service from initial project conception right through to design, construction, installation, and operation. We provide all-encompassing services, integrating and working in collaboration with clients at all times.


We have dedicated our experience and professional knowledge to the design and build of wastewater plants that meet or exceed the requirements of both industries and municipalities. Our highly experienced team of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Control engineers collaborate effectively to provide optimal wastewater treatment solutions.