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Pumping Station


Aqua Drops specialized in providing turnkey solutions for the engineering and construction of water and sewer pumping stations. Our experience in Pumping Stations encompasses the collection, distribution, and transmission network, pump selection, surge protection, control, and pumping. We have significant expertise in all types of pumping stations as we have performed numerous projects executed to construct new pumping stations or to upgrades existing facilities to meet client requirements.

The equipment and materials of construction are selected from leading suppliers in order to maximize system reliability and minimize maintenance costs.

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Aqua Drops’s engineering competence is a key competitive differentiator, We employ highly experienced engineering experts to add value through every phase of a project. From concept development through to commissioning and operation, our engineering capability is key to making our client’s vision a reality. we provide our clients with an all-encompassing service from initial project conception right through to design, construction, installation, and operation. We provide all-encompassing services, integrating and working in collaboration with clients at all times.


We are dedicated to providing the latest proven technologies and a comprehensive range of advanced technologies specific and tailored to our Clients and Partners in the Public and Private Sector, for seawater intake pumping stations, potable water, or recycled water pumping stations. These are designed to provide high performance and reliability, together with ease of operation and low energy consumption where are designed to make operations safe and efficient. The sizing is done with the intent of making the system efficient throughout the range of operating conditions.


Aqua Drops holds extensive experience in the design and builds of sewer lift stations with different depths varying from 2 meters up to 30 meters, our competent engineers execute all structural, mechanical, electrical, and control systems. Pure Water constructs wastewater lift stations with protective coatings and liners, odor control systems, bar screen vaults, muffin monsters, bypass pumping ports, and many additional custom components.
We have extensive engineering experience in virtually all types of wastewater pumps, grinder pumps, valves, flow meters, and control technologies allowing your business to expand, to complete village drainage networks. This includes sewer systems, surface water drains, and lifting station rising mains.