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Desalination Plant


At Aqua Drops we provide a full range of desalination plants for the Municipal & Industrial Sectors, As an Innovative & fully Competent Company, With our global partners, we are dedicated to providing the latest proven technologies and a comprehensive range of advanced technologies specific and tailored to our Clients and Partners in the Public and Private Sector, These are designed to provide high performance and reliability, together with ease of operation and low energy consumption.

The equipment and materials of construction are selected from leading suppliers in order to maximize system reliability and minimize maintenance costs. The produced water conforms to World Health Organization regulations/requirements for potable water.

We start our desalination plant projects with process design as per the client’s feed water analysis requirements and conditions to fabricate the most economical design for the brackish and seawater desalination plants.

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Coupling desalination with renewable energy sources is a complex challenge. We are uniquely placed to assemble creative solutions that focus on minimizing operational carbon while ensuring the commercial longevity of critical assets.

Using our full understanding of power grid optimization, we can advise the Client on the best way to integrate renewables and energy storage to secure a reliable power source for the project.

The optimum solution lies in getting the economics right and understanding the local environment and social dimensions as well as the technology. Desalination is an energy- intensive process but we know how to reduce its carbon footprint. Our teams optimize existing technologies and integrate renewable energy systems to cut emissions and improve sustainability.